Vineyard Health at Deep Woods Estate: Part 1

Vineyard Health at Deep Woods Estate: Part 1

We speak to our Viticultural Technical Officer Kate Nickels about the cover crop program her and the vineyard team implement at Deep Woods Estate:

For many years Deep Woods Estate's cover crop program has been designed and implemented to build soil health and repair soil structure.

A combination of high dry matter varieties and deep-rooted species capture and provide a buffet of nourishment for micro-organisms which replenish soil minerals such as nitrogen.

Plant species, like legumes for example, collect atmospheric nitrogen and, in conjunction with rhizobia bacteria, form nodules on their roots. These symbiotic relationships exist to mutually benefit plants and soil inhabitants such as fungi, bacteria, predatory nematodes, protozoa, and arthropods.

These soil dwellers decompose material, form biomass and break down larger nutrient molecules into small plant-available forms ready for vine signaling and uptake.

Deep-rooted plant species such as radish penetrate deeper into the soil profile, allowing infiltration of oxygen and water.

The revival and nurturing of what is called the 'soil food web' enables the soil in our vineyards to recycle organic nutrients while carbon holds nutrients, increases soil stability and increases water holding capacity.

Healthy soil ecosystems, resilient vines, high quality grapes!

The Soil Food Web

Our Cover Crops



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