Wrap Up: Vintage 2016

Wrap Up: Vintage 2016

Vintage 2016 is done and dusted! This vintage continued the extremely blessed run that the Margaret River Wine Region has had over the last decade. Whites were off with trademark fruit purity and fantastic natural acidity. Reds were vibrant, with fully ripe tannin and varietally expressive.

That being said, no vintage is ever perfect and 2016 threw a couple of little curve balls.

January was relatively dry and warm and was punctuated with a late rainfall pattern that reinvigorated canopies throughout the vineyards. This did delay the picking of whites until the middle of February, some 15 days later than the previous vintage.

Reds came in a little sooner than expected so for a decent period of time the winery was processing both reds and whites. While it's not uncommon, it does mean that the team need to be extra vigilant with their cleaning of the machinery.

As an aside, we processed a number of parcels of varieties rarely seen at Deep Woods. Stay tuned for details of these wines as they're sure to be something to talk about!

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